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Meet Francis

Francis is a mascot created to answer your questions about WiseOx.

Francis Avatar

Why WiseOx?

We demystify AI and make it practical for every team member.

Enhanced Security

Keep your data secure and get transparency to your employee's usage of AI.

Brand Alignment

Tailored AI to your brand's voice and ensuring consistent brand messaging.

Ease of Training

Easily train a mascot on your data, and tune its responses for better accuracy.

Dedicated Support

Personalized guidance from WiseOx staff with industry knowledge and focus.

Next-level Assistants

Knowledgebase Mascot Company

Easily access company data in a safe AI-powered environment while keeping generated messaging on brand and on point.

Sales Mascot Sales

Create a mascot to qualify leads, provide pricing, answer product questions, schedule demos, and engage visitors to capture more leads around the clock.

Customer Support Mascot Customer Support

Build a help desk mascot to offer 24/7 support, integrating your knowledge base for consistent, accurate answers, and reducing ticket volume for complex issues.

HR and Onboarding Mascot HR & Onboarding

Combine the capabilities of an HR assistant with onboarding support to create a comprehensive AI-powered mascot for your employees.

Content Creation Mascot Content Creation

Deploy a mascot to kick-start your content generation process, providing a steady stream of draft materials and creative ideas.

Assessments Mascot Assessments

Incorporate a smart assessment mascot to simplify and refine the evaluation process for staff performance, compliance checks, risk assessment, and client insights.

Deploy a Mascot In Minutes

Supply your data, personalize your mascot's
characteristics, and deploy to your users.

Deploy a Mascot in Minutes

Then let our advanced retrieval methods provide quick and accurate information.

Tailored To Fit

Custom Personas

Infuse your mascot with unique personality traits and behaviors, tailoring it to align with your brand's voice.

Custom Personas

Any Data, Any URL

Support for a diverse array of file types, and a web crawler, to enrich your mascot's knowledge base.

Any Data, Any URL


Personalize the chat interface with your choice of colors, font styles, and even a dark mode option.


Tuning Mode

Enhance your mascot's acumen by evaluating chat responses, teaching it to refine its interactions over time.

Tuning Mode

Inline Actions

Uncover additional information in a response to generate fresh insights, create content, or quiz users.

Inline Actions

Prompt Actions

Configure pre-defined prompts, each with a descriptive button label, helping users engage with your mascots.

Prompt Actions

And Connected To Your Tools

Embed, Share, Scan

Embed, Share, Scan

Seamlessly integrate your mascot into your web applications, or share the link or QR code.

Slack Integration

Slack, Oh Yeah!

Connect your mascot to Slack, transforming it into a personal or group assistant within your internal communication channels.

Secure Peace Of Mind

Your data is always stored in a secure cloud environment with end-to-end encryption.

We also ensure large language models never learn from your data, and is never exposed to other mascots or third-parties.

Secure Peace Of Mind

Questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out!

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More Than a Chatbot

Mascots are designed to handle routine tasks, reduce operational costs, and unlock new revenue opportunities with unmatched efficiency.

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