Empower Your Senior Living
Community With AI.

Introducing AI-powered team members, we call “Mascots”, to elevate
care and streamline operations in your senior living community.

Why WiseOx For
Senior Living?

WiseOx is at the forefront of integrating AI within the senior living industry. Our mascots are not just technology; they're a harmonious blend of your community's knowledge and our AI expertise. They're here to alleviate the burden of routine tasks, enhance resident care, and ensure your staff can focus on what's truly important—providing a nurturing environment for your residents.

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The accuracy and power of a trained AI compared to general AI chat is really impressive. You just need to see it to believe it.

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Our WiseOx AI sales companion has been a game-changer for productivity and morale. It's like having an extra team member who never sleeps!

Business Benefits

Personalized Engagement

A mascot can provide personalized interactions, making residents and their families feel heard and cared for, which is crucial in the senior living environment.

Operational Efficiency

It can streamline processes like resident assessments and inquiries, leading to better resource allocation and operational efficiency.

24/7 Availability

The mascot's round-the-clock availability ensures that questions and concerns are addressed promptly, any time of day or night.

Data-Driven Decisions

The data collected from interactions can help you understand the needs and preferences of your residents better, enabling informed decision-making.

Employee Benefits

Employee Support

A mascot can act as a first point of contact for employee inquiries, reducing the workload on HR and administrative staff.

Knowledge Sharing

It can facilitate the transfer of knowledge within the organization, ensuring that all employees have access to the information they need to do their jobs effectively.

Training Assistant

The mascot can assist in the training of new employees, providing them with a consistent and interactive learning experience.

Stress Reduction

By handling routine questions and tasks, the mascot can help reduce employee stress and burnout, leading to a happier workplace.

A Mascot For Every Use

Sales Mascot Sales

A sales assistant can speed up the lead qualification process, provide detailed product information, and schedule demos, leading to higher conversion rates and occupancy levels.

HR and Onboarding Mascot Employee Resource

An HR Mascot can handle routine inquiries, allowing the human HR team to focus on more strategic tasks and improving employee engagement.

Assessments Mascot Assessments

By accurately reassessing residents, WiseOx ensures that each individual receives the appropriate level of care, which can lead to better health outcomes and resident satisfaction.

Customer Support Mascot Customer Support

A 24/7 help desk assistant means that families and residents can get their questions answered anytime, improving the overall service experience.

Content Creation Mascot Content Creation

Generate informative articles, newsletters, and social media posts that resonate with the community's values and voice.

Compliance Mascot Compliance

Streamlines adherence to industry standards, safeguarding your senior living community's commitment to excellence and resident care.

How It Works

We're here to support you from the initial training data to the final touches that personalize your AI's interactions, guaranteeing a mascot that embodies your brand and connects with everyone it serves.

Deploy a Mascot in Minutes

Product Features

Custom Personas

Craft mascots that embody the warmth and care of your community.

Custom Personas

Varied Training Data

Incorporate policies, procedures, and resident information seamlessly.

Any Data, Any URL


Personalize the chat interface with your choice of colors, font styles, and even a dark mode option.


Feedback Learning

Evolve your mascot's capabilities through ongoing community interaction.

Tuning Mode

Direct Actions

Enable residents and staff to accomplish tasks through simple conversations with the mascot.

Inline Actions

Flexible Integration

Embed your mascot into your community's digital touchpoints for easy access.


About WiseOx

At the core of WiseOx's mission is a deep-seated commitment to revolutionize the senior living industry through the power of AI. WiseOx represents the perfect blend of compassionate care and state-of-the-art technology.

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